Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Increased Brand Presence Through Customized Packaging

E-commerce is a fiercely competitive industry and the only way to stay on top is to separate yourself from the rest of the pack by showing uniqueness. In order to boost your brand presence you have to make it more recognizable. Uniqueness is an admirable trait and it helps the brand stick in people’s memory. The uniqueness of a brand is measured by its originality. The more the people recognize a brand the more they tend to lean towards it while making a decision to choose a brand. 

Increased Brand Presence

Why packaging matters:

Packaging provides the first impression of a brand to its customers. First impression is highly essential while trying to boost a positive image of a brand. Customers treat it as a sign of respect when the company protects the integrity of the item being shipped. Packaging should be done with care and the material being used should be selected based on the characteristics of the item being packed. It bodes well for the brand’s recognition when the packaging is customized to project the image of the brand in every aspect.

Customized packaging:

Customizing the packaging involves printing the brand’s logo and its colours all over the packaging and sealing tape. It is a relatively inexpensive marketing technique that advertises the product directly to its customers. While customizing the packaging it is also important to choose the packaging material wisely. For example, fragile items might need an extra layer of bubble wraps to protect them from cracks. Sensitive documents might need an extra protective seal and a transparent layer to easily pass through security checkpoints. Big heavy objects might need packaging with tough physical properties to protect the material from wear and tear. 
Customized packaging

Customizing too might vary depending upon the product. While printing the brand’s logo on a transparent packaging it should be noted that it doesn’t affect the visibility of the item inside.
Apart from printing the brand logo and name, you could also add the contact information and a catchy tagline to get their attention.

Why you should customize your packaging:

·         Makes your brand image more recognizable
·         Cheaper and more effective marketing technique
·         Interacts directly with the customers
·         Creates a good first impression
·         Projects the brand’s uniqueness which is always appreciated by the customers

How Qlinepackaging can help you?

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

High Security with Steb Bags

STEB bag stands for security-tamper evident bags.  They were developed to safely transport liquid and semi-liquid items which need to be properly sealed and not be tampered with. Steb bags are manufactured in accordance with airport security measures in mind. It is used to transport Liquids, Aerosols and Gels.  Steb bags are transparent and are constructed in such a way to show clear evidence of any attempt to tamper with the packaging.

steb bags

Significance of STEB Bags:

In this age of increased vigilance and security measures, airports have dialled up their screening process. Steb bags provide visibility to get it easily across airport check-in lanes. They are also known as duty free bags. They usually come with high-security tamper evident tape with special hidden graphic.  In order to avoid manipulation of the sealed contents the steb bags typically come with a bright red seal at the bottom and sides. The top of the bag is barcode enabled for easy scanning while going out of the check-out lane. With the help of ICAO airline code printed on the steb bags will help easily identify the origin of the steb provided to the passenger.

Some of the significant features of a steb bag are as follows
security steb bag
  •  High strength and resilience, high impact transparent film
  • Provision for easy handling with a carry handle at the top
  • 15mm wide high security seal to prevent attempts to tamper
  • Recyclable and environment friendly
  • Water proof comes in multiple sizes

The items which are typically carried in a Steb bag are usually bought in duty free shops after passing through the security. Any item that falls under the chemical properties of a liquid aerosol or gel is expected to be sealed, packed and transported in a steb bag. Provided with an easy to carry handle, steb bags are transparent to allow quicker screening process at sensitive, security high places like airport check-out lanes. 

How Qline packaging can help you?

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Secure Money Transfer with Currency Carry Bags

Secure Money Transfer with Currency Carry Bags
Currency Carry Bags

As far as material transfer is concerned, currency is one of the most sensitive items to transport. A lot of trust is involved in entrusting an organization to safely relocate your money. Industries involved in monetary transactions take this responsibility seriously by taking extra measures to ensure the safety of the currency being transferred. Expected level of damage during transportation like wear and tear, are not to be allowed while transporting money. Packaging for currency, whether it is paper money or coins should be made of the finest quality. Even if the currency inside is intact if the packaging loses its integrity the package loses its value.
There are two types of widely used packaging material for transporting money, which are:
  • ·                                           Currency transit bags
  • ·                                           Coin carry bags 

Secure Money Transfer
Secure Money

Currency transit bags are highly resilient and are often transparent. It is used to transport large stashes of paper money. Once sealed, they cannot be opened or tampered with. It ensures that the currencies are intact and secure from fake note swapping. Coin carry bags are perfect for transporting large volumes of coin. The packaging is secure enough to not tear under the heaviness of the coins. The industries which typically transport large amount of currencies are
-          Retail companies
-          Restaurants

-          Vending companies

-          Casinos

-          Ticket counters

-          Chain stores

-          Cash management companies

Even though a large amount of monetary transactions are handled digitally these days, the threat of cyber attacks and vulnerability in the digital space largely remains un-answered. A substantial amount of currency still takes place in the form of hard cash. Security is of utmost importance while transferring money. This makes the packaging material as one of the most important factors to be considered while trying to transfer money. Some of the key features to look for while selecting currency packaging are as follows:

·         Water resistance

·         Varying sizes

·         High durability

·         Recyclability

·         Transparency

·         Highly effective seal

Qline Packaging provides currency carrying bags which have unique serial numbers and barcode for tracking. It also comes with high security tapes which shows void letters if any attempt is made to tamper the package.  To know more about how you can secure your monetary transactions through quality packaging, visit http://www.qlinepackaging.com/